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Mistress Fortune
Mistress Fortune

Me taking the joke seriously for the billionth time:

A big difference on why people like the building mechanics more in Tears of the Kingdom as opposed to Nuts and Bolts is because TotK still stuck to Zelda's main genre, being an action-adventure game, and feeling like a natural evolution of the more open-ended nature of Breath of the Wild (which in of itself was actually a modern re-visit of a major aspect of the original Zelda back in the 80s, being a lot more open in how the player progresses). Nuts and Bolts meanwhile basically abandoned Banjo-Kazooie's roots as a 3D collectathon platformer under the assumption the genre "no longer appealed to modern gamers" (as of 2008) in favor of being an entirely different genre (a mission based vehicle building game). Had Nuts and Bolts not been attached to the B-K IP it likely would have been far better received, but because it was tied to an IP that, at the time, had been dormant for almost an entire decade it was viewed as a major case of simply not being what fans had waited a long time for. It also probably didn't help that Rare's signature sense of British humor made it feel as if the game was either mocking older fans of the Banjo-Kazooie series, or outright saying the devs didn't really care what fans wanted.


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