Mizzy arrest tiktok video screenshots.

Mizzy, the TikTok prank artist behind several controversial viral videos over the past years, officially turned himself in to the London police, according to TikToks shared showing a Metropolitan police officer cuff and walk him inside the building.

The mounting backlash began to build as a result of his most recent video, in which he tried to kick off an "Entering Random People's Homes TikTok trend," exposing millions to his shenanigans present and past.

It is currently unknown what charges and potential sentences he could be facing, but in response to some comments calling his contentious behavior "criminal," he said, "I ain’t got too much to say to them people just that I know myself and so do my fans."

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As of now, the hashtag "#FreeMizzy" has started to spread among people either trying to legitimately spread awareness and want to free him or trying to clown on Mizzy and using the hashtag on TikTok for visibility.

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Following his arrest, Mizzy told The Independent that he cares less about whether he is being received positively or negatively in the wake of the controversy, as to him, it's all about getting engagement and attention. "It’s the fact that people are talking that’s important."

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