Taylor Swift Fanbase Shook As Swiftie Goes Into Labor After Concert In Rain

May 22nd, 2023 - 8:49 PM EDT by Brandon Wink

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Taylor swift fan pregnancy birth tiktok videos.

Most fans of Taylor Swift say going to a concert is the experience of a lifetime. For one fan who attended the second night of the "Me!" singer's Eras Tour in Foxborough, Massachusetts, it was more the experience of two lifetimes one could say.

Yesterday, it was reported by multiple fans in attendance at the show that a fellow Swiftie had gone into labor in the parking lot while trying to leave the venue.

What has Swifties gasping, however, is that before the concert, there were two different pregnant women posting about being due soon and deciding to go anyway, causing a lot of confusion as to which one was the lucky girl.

@christinabeex3 we love @Taylor Swift too much to miss out in this household #futureswiftie #pregnant #erastour @gillettestadium ♬ fearless sped up – r & m &lt33

@juliee318 Eras Tour at 8pm, giving birth at 3am #wheelchair #wheelchairlife #erastour #taylorswift #taylorsversion #gillette #foxborough #nighttwo ♬ Bejeweled – Taylor Swift

However, in a surprise twist, it ended up being a completely unrelated but still very pregnant girl who went into labor after the show, with follow-up TikToks posted by the original two girls showing that they made it back safely and weren't the ones causing the worry and traffic jam.

@christinabeex3 I made it and had so much fun! #GilletteStadium #theerastour #swifttok @Taylor Swift @Taylor Nation ♬ original sound – Taylor Swift

@juliee318 Replying to @dia ♬ Bejeweled – Taylor Swift

Following viral videos of the news spreading rapidly across TikTok, reactions from users both at the event or just hearing about it afterward poured in as people cracked jokes and added to the growing online discourse.

@vchatterley i hope she names the baby Rain Show #erastour ♬ original sound – Vanessa Chatterley

According to local news following up on the incident, the woman was reportedly taken to a nearby hospital to deliver the baby and officials said they believe the mother and child are doing just fine.

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