'Soyjak Party' User Asks A Girl To Prom With A 'Chudjak' Poster, The Whole Cafeteria Cheers At Her Response

May 11th, 2023 - 4:44 PM EDT by Phillip Hamilton

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Soyjak.party user's post, left, user showing the poster to his prom date, right

A Soyjak.party user known as "Prom Poster Chud" has become an online legend after asking a girl to the prom using a poster adorned with the Chudjak meme.

The user shared the poster to the site around midnight on May 10th, asking users, "Will I get a prom date with this?" In the post, he shares his plan to ask a girl to prom the following day with the poster. The poster reads, "Rome fell… and I have for you" and features a Chudjak character standing next to a female Wojak character.

The post inspired hundreds of comments, many doubting that the poster would win over his potential date. The post even gained viral spread outside of the niche Soyjak forum, with users on Twitter and iFunny reposting it.

Later that day, Prom Poster Chud returned to the thread with a video that shocked users, excitedly writing, "TOTAL SOYTEEN VICTORY." In the video, Prom Poster Chud is seen asking the girl in question to the prom with the poster in hand in front of a packed cafeteria. She says yes and the cafeteria erupts in cheers.

Some of the site's users are theorizing that the video is staged, while others hypothesize that she'll bail out of the date before prom comes. Others, however, are happy for Prom Poster Chud and have taken to the thread to celebrate his victory as the surprisingly wholesome video spreads across social media.

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