NFL Teams Produce Comedy Videos Announcing Season Schedule, And Social Media Has Deemed The Titans' The Funniest

May 15th, 2023 - 3:31 PM EDT by Adam Downer

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The NFL recently set its schedule for the 2023-2024 season, and since we're deep in the offseason, multiple NFL teams took the opportunity to produce little comedy videos around the occasion. While the Broncos went with a parody of The Office and the Eagles utilized cute dogs, social media has largely coalesced around a video from the Tennessee Titans that transcended the NFL fandom and went viral.

The setup proved brilliant in its simplicity: someone from the Titans' social media team went on Broadway in Nashville, Tennessee, and asked seemingly random passersby to name the teams on the Titans' schedule based on their opponents' logos. There are multiple excellent, comically wrong guesses, from two different groups confidently shouting "Cowboys!" for the Indianapolis Colts, to one woman naming the Bucs the "Pirates from the islands of the Caribbean" to another naming the Jaguars "Chester Cheeto."

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The clip went viral, racking up millions of views within days. Other teams clearly had fun with it and joined in on the bit. The Atlanta Falcons asked the Atlanta Dolphins if they'd like to team up as the "Georgia Florida Dolphins." The Colts changed their name on Twitter to "Not the Cowboys."

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There's empirical evidence that the Titans' video was the winner of this mini-social media contest between NFL teams. Zoomph published analytics for the videos, proving that the Titans' was by far the most profitable and high-engagement video put out compared to the others.

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