GameStop Store Employees Resign En Masse On 'Tears Of The Kingdom' Release Day

May 19th, 2023 - 2:40 PM EDT by Adam Downer

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GameStop continued its years-long streak of seemingly never making headlines for good reasons this week after the entire staff of a store in Brighton, Michigan quit on the release day of Tears of the Kingdom (the new Zelda video game), which undoubtedly would've been one of the store's most profitable days of the year.

A photo said to be taken outside the Michigan GameStop location shows a note on the shop's door on May 12th, the day of Tears of the Kingdom's release.

The note states that the entire staff had resigned and accuses management of underpaying and overworking employees, with the author writing "I literally cannot pay my rent."

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Seeing how the Breath of the Wild sequel was one of the biggest gaming releases in years, May 12th was a boon for GameStops around the country, as several locations reported lines around the block.

For a company that has largely been circling the drain for years (its life as a meme stock aside), one can imagine how a location closing on such a monumental day would be extremely harmful to business.

According to a recent hire of the Brighton Gamestop who spoke to Kotaku about the matter, the store was doing a midnight release event for Tears of the Kingdom and was somehow able to reopen three hours after it was supposed to, despite the staff resigning.

It's unclear how they pulled that off, but GameStop is known for having remarkably high employee turnover. Perhaps the location was able to quickly lure new hires with promises of TikTok contests where the top prize is ten extra hours of work.

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