'Bill Clinton Kid' Matan Even Stream Snipes Hasan Piker At The Writers Strike Picket Line, Brings The Beef To Twitter

May 5th, 2023 - 12:21 PM EDT by Phillip Hamilton

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Hasan Piker looking at Matan Even

Matan Even, a content creator best known for crashing the 2023 Game Awards to talk about his "reformed orthodox rabbi Bill Clinton," made an unexpected and unwanted appearance on Hasan Piker's stream yesterday while Piker was at the Writers Guild of America strike picket line.

A little over two hours into the stream, Even inserted himself into Piker's stream while holding a cardboard sign showing support for landlords. He asked Piker to shake his hand in support of landlords but he seemed uninterested in interacting with Even, largely ignoring him and moving away from the situation.

At one point, Piker compared dealing with Even to dealing with a disobedient puppy, saying it's best not to give him the attention.

Clips from the interaction have been going viral since it happened. Even himself shared a compilation of clips from the stream on Twitter, which gained over 34,000 likes in a day. In one clip, Even mockingly repeats everything Piker says from off-camera as he tries to discuss the strike. In another clip, Piker asks Even to move away a little bit but he refuses.

Hasan quote-retweeted the post, writing, "ight nvm maybe children DO deserve the coal mines," a reference to the children yearn for the mines meme, ratio-ing Even's post with over 54,000 likes. Piker also added a comment claiming that Even's "brother manager" begged to link up with him in the past, writing, "when I said no thanks they crashed a picket line. Get a new bit."

The beef only continued to escalate from there. Even responded to the coal mines tweet with a quote-retweet, writing, "You should’ve told me that to my face instead of standing there frozen." Piker responded, "I asked you to step aside politely for the adults to picket and you said I was threatening you, I can't be the father you never had little buddy."

Even didn't drop it there, responding, "You tried to scare me by getting in my face, then you shoved a pole at me[…] I asked if you were threatening me because of how pathetic you looked. There’s a reason your cameraman panned away."

Streamer xQc reacted to the clip the day it happened, suggesting Even should "switch gears."

This is in reference to Even stream sniping and inserting himself into creators' content in the past, including Kai Cenat, who also seemed annoyed by his appearance, and basketball player JaVale McGee, inspiring a whole series of memes about Even appearing everywhere.

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