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The Infinity Gauntlet is a golden glove found in Marvel Comics and the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The Gauntlet houses six multi-colored gems--known as "Infinity Gems" or "Infinity Stones"-- that give the character the power to do anything they please. The Infinity Gauntlet is most prominently associated with the character Thanos, particularly in the film Avengers: Infinity War. Online, people use the Gauntlet in photoshop and cosplay memes about fashion and power.


The Infinity Gauntlet was introduced in the comic book Silver Surfer (Volume 3, Issue 44) in December 1990 (cover below).[1] In the comic book, the character Mistress Death instructs Thanos to kill half of the living beings in the universe. To do so, he must collect the Infinity Gems (Space, Time, Reality, Mind, Soul, or Power), which control each facet of the universe, respectively, and place them in the Infinity Gauntlet.[2]



Photoshop Memes

The Infinity Gauntlet has been used in a series of photoshop, placing the gloves on people in power, such as presidents, pop stars and celebrities.

On May 22nd, 2015, Twitter[3] user @WorkerSpice tweeted a picture of President Barack Obama with the Gauntlet superimposed on his hand. They added the caption, "ISIS may have the Dragon Balls… but they don't have the Infinity Gauntlet!" @POTUS" The post (shown below, left) received more than 50 retweets and 95 likes in three years.

Other uses of the Infinity Gauntlet have included former presidential candidate Jeb Bush (below, center) and Michael Jackson (below, right).

"ISIS may have the Dragon Balls... but they don't have the Infinity Gauntlet!" @POTUS
Before Thanos, the Infinity Gauntlet was wielded by the most powerful human in the universe and was used to heal the world

Cosplay Parodies

Online, people have shared DIY parodies of the Infinity Gauntlet made with household items. Following the release of the 2018 Avengers: Infinity War, these types of parodies grew in popularity. On April 29th, 2018, Twitter[4] @MrFord213 tweeted an image of an "affordable" Infinity Gauntlet made with yellow rubber gloves. The post (shown below) received more than 80 retweets and 200 likes in two weeks.

The affordable gauntlet vs the infinity gauntlet

Over the next few weeks, these parodies grew in prominence. On May 7th, Twitter[5] user @NateDingeman tweeted a picture of a yellow glove with a brownie on the knuckles. The post (shown below, left) received more than 79,000 retweets and 295,000 likes in four days. Others posted images of hands with colorful rings on the fingers and household items with gems on the finger (examples below, center and right).

On May 10th, Twitter[6] published a Moments page about the DIY parodies.

ive finally gathered all the infinity stones
my brother made thanos' infinity gauntlet and put it on a plant and called him "planthos"
Finals week got me trying to channel the power of the infinity stones shift-Q nicMaster

Various Examples

you can't just add the infinity gauntlet and think it's funny: a hypothesis 0
Avengers - Infinity War (2018) LEAKED IMAGE ( submitted 4 months ago by RightEejit 1 comment share save hide give gold report crosspost

Brady made his own Infinity Gauntlet apatriots
omfg steve has the infinity gauntlet now PENNSYLVANIA HOUSE CD 18 00 CLOSE TOCALL 95 SPECIAL ELECTION LAMB % 102,839 0 101,707 1,267 ALLEGHENY . SACCONE 49% 1% WASHINGTON MILLER
Look what I got in the mail a whole week ate, it's all good, someone needs to write this story tho, when Ric Flair gets the infinity gauntlet

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