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Sharon's Burnt Marie Callender Pie

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Sharon's Burnt Marie Callender Pie refers to memes about a woman who posted a photo of a pumpkin pie she had purchased from Marie Callender and subsequently overbaked to the point that the pie was black. She posted the photo on Marie Callender's Facebook page, ostensibly to complain that it was their fault her pie was overbaked. The post inspired a flurry of memes at the woman's expense, as well as a Facebook group dedicated to posting memes in mockery of the pie.


On November 25th, 2023, Facebook user Sharon Weiss posted a photo of a pie she apparently purchased from food company Marie Callender but had burnt to a crisp. "Thanks Marie Calendar for ruining thanksgiving dessert," she wrote, implying it was the company's fault the dessert was so burnt (shown below). It is unclear how Weiss ended up with such a pie, but the directions for the pie state it is supposed to be in the oven at 375 degrees Fahrenheit for 70-80 minutes.[1] The post has been deleted, but screenshots circulated on the internet shortly after she made the post.

Sharon Weiss > Marie Callender's 2d 路 Thanks Marie Calendar for ruining thanksgiving dessert


In the ensuing thread, a Marie Callender spokesperson apologized for the burnt pie, but nearly all commenters began mocking Weiss for massively overbaking her pie. Many made memes wondering how Weiss could have so severely burnt her pie and poked fun at her for blaming Marie Callender for the error. A compilation of screenshots from the thread was posted to Imgur[2] on December 1st, 2023 by user 3PiecesOfBread, gaining over 142,000 views in two days (examples shown below).

Brianna Talley Sharon baking her pie GIPHY 2d Haha Reply 1.4K Brittany Wooten Replied 10 Replies Sarah Gardner You do know the fire alarm isn't a timer right? 1d Like Reply 1.3K 8 Claudia Brown Replied 路 13 Replies Sharon Weiss Marie Callender's 2d 路 O Alice Shackleford Put pie in oven Burn pie Why would Marie Calendar do this? 1d Haha Reply 1.2K Cara Nichols Replied 路 14 Replies Beth Lucy Baker Take personal responsibility for burning your pie "Thanks Marie Calendar for ruining thanksgiving dessert" de with mematic 1d Haha Reply 493 Sam Weisbrod Replied 2 Replies Sharon Weiss Marie Callender's ... 2d 路 O Sam Weisbrod Replied 路 2 Replies Beth Lucy Baker Marie Callender's Pumpkin Pie Sharon Weiss 1d Haha Reply 756 D Regina Artuso Peck Replied 路 5 Replies Zac Chapman Marie Callender's Burnt dessert Let me see who you really ate Sharon knew 1d Haha Reply 515 D Jennifer Morecraft Replied 5 Replies

A Facebook group dedicated to jokes about the pie, "Marie Callender's Sharon Pie Roasting Posting,"[3] was created on December 1st, 2023, and quickly amassed over 27,000 followers (examples shown below).

Sharon Weiss: *burns pumpkin pie* Also Sharon Weiss: It wasn't me. It was Marie Callender. 3750 for 70-80 minutes 1000掳 for 7 days

Various Examples

Sharon Weiss Dec 2, 2023 O My granddaughter tried to remove the plastic wrap from the candy cane and it broke! Thanks for ruining Christmas, Marie Callender's! Rare Medium Rare Medium Medium Well Well Done Sharon Weiss Style oodie Thanks for ruining Gotham City, Marie Callender 11:15 1 Sharon's Post < Phyllis Sanders *Marie Callender* : "Thanks Obama!" 4d Haha Reply 152 0 Michelle Parker Replied 4 Replies I Love my As and da Phyllis Sanders You ruined thanksgiving, Sharon. I'm tired of you always blaming everyone for everything. You've always been like this. Blame blame blame. First we had the green bean casserole incident and now this? Last time you tried to blame the jolly green giant!! He's a cartoon! Imagine not being able to use an oven? Wow. Leave the pie to someone else next time. You are VACCINATED WE CAN DO STHIS definitely not invited to Christmas and I have asked Jessica to uninvite you from the wedding. I should have trusted my dog when he didn't like you. He knew you were up to no good. Goodbye Sharon. How embarrassing. Phyllis Sanders I LOVE MY GRANDKIDS AND MY HUSBAND PAUL OF 52 YEARS AND THE LORD AND KENTUCKY FRIED CHICKEN Add Friend OMessage 4d Haha Reply 435 Katie Hansen Replied - 23 Replies Retired Librarian Becky Clippinger Sharon will onlv be asked to bring From Mobile, Alabama Write a comment. GIF Married *** See Phyllis' About Info Motifiestins LET'S GET You'd better wise up, sharor Weiss. pumpkin pie don't taste too nice. Your APIECALYPSE POMPEII Starring Sharon Weiss

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