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Repost if X or Y is an ironic repost meme typically used to express a user’s sexual desires while allowing for plausible deniability. It is frequently used as a caption for image macros of traps and anime girls.


The phrase branches from the repost if X gif caption trend on iFunny. One of the earliest instances of “repost if X or Y” was in a November 19th, 2017 iFunny gif caption by user ___Gravity___ that received over 2,100 smiles and 400 comments (shown below, left).[1] On November 24th, iFunny user Crocodile posted a similar meme that gained 1,700 smiles and almost 300 comments (shown below, right).[2]

Repub if You ever just want a massive c--- in your ass and throat or if you like video games
Repub If: You wanna f--- your subs doggy style so hard that they can't move the next morning or B) If you like videogames

User ___Gravity___ posted another meme in the format on January 5th, 2018 that gained 1,000 smiles and 300 comments (shown below).[3]

Repub if you wanna be tied up and f----- until you are crying and cant move Or if you play xbox

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[1] iFunny – ___Gravity___

[2] iFunny – Crocodile

[3] iFunny – ___Gravity___

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