Life or Death for Berryboy

Life or Death for Berryboy

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Life or Death for Berryboy, or simply Berryboy, is a soyjak parody of a popular fetish known as blueberry inflation that originated from a scene from Roald Dahl's novel Charlie and the Chocolate Factory in which the character Violet Beauregarde turns into a giant blueberry.


The original image was created on August 9th, 2010, by a DeviantArt user known as "Iloveberryboy,"[1] also known as "Berrybaby1000" on YouTube.[2] The image depicts their original character, Berryboy, a toddler drawn as an anthropomorphic blueberry in an anime style who is often depicted as crying after being abused.[3] In this image, the Berryboy appears sad and exclaims, "Life!!!!!!" while surrounded by a group of people that say, "Death!"[4]

Death! Death! Life or death for Berryboy? Death! Death! Life!!!!!! Death! Death! Death!

Although this original character and its creator would first be discussed in Encyclopedia Dramatica in 2012, it wouldn't gain widespread infamy for another ten years. On July 11th, 2023, a Reddit user whose profile is now deleted posted this image with a soyface over the original character's head on the forum r/196 with the caption, "rule." This received about 1,400 upvotes.[5]

Death! Death! Life or death for Berryboy? Death! Death! Life!!!!!! Death! Death! Death!


Later this same day, Twitter user @FuchsiaAndGreen posted the same image with the caption, "new favorite image."[6] This post received around 7,000 thousand likes. On July 13th, 2023, in response to FuchsiaAndGreen's post, Twitter user @sponglebog1 posted a picture of the character in a blender.[7] The image's text in the bottom right-hand corner reads, "Rest In Peace berryboy, 1935-2023, the world didn't deserve you". This post received almost 300 likes. This post would go on to be posted in conjunction with the original image.

NINIA rest in peace berryboy 1935-2023 the world didn't deserve you

On July 18th, 2023, Newgrounds user Oscarrr posted a popular redrawn version of the meme, which received around 1,500 views (shown below).[8]


This meme would go on to become popular among other soyjak memes[9] as well as be associated with viral posts pertaining to the fetish.[10]

Various Examples

Berryboy @MKUltraMoney March 2023 / June 2023 Eat your heart out haters 8:54 PM - Aug 20, 2023 13 Retweets 142 Quote Tweets 27 420 Likes (→ ShannyCoin Investor @Cptn_Ahab_ . Feb 12 I think we should choose life for Berryboy TOWN NORMAN ROCKWELLA Life or bath for dry cat? Life!!!!!! Bath!! Bath!! Bath!! Bath!! Bath!! Bath!! Death! Deatht Life or death for Berryboy? Death Death! Life!!!!!! Death Death This meme makes me so sad and furious. When god sings amongst his creations, will berryboy not be in the choir? Death! 標 Ⓡ 8 Say the line, Berryjak! W-What?! made with mematic I'm gonna Berry you!

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A moment of silence for any blueberry inflation fetishists that might've been exposed to this abomination.

I really hope that the wojak pandemic will have died down before it comes for any of my fetishes.


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