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"Keep Riding Me is a 2023 pop-punk song by ur pretty, aka IAmJakeHill, featuring graphic lyrics about gay sexual acts. A preview of the song was originally posted to TikTok in July 2023 and gained significant popularity in October as people began posting comedy skits and lip-dubs to it about the awkwardness of the lyrics. A full version was released on Spotify by Jake Hill under the pseudonym "ur pretty" on October 12th of that year.


On July 18th, 2023, TikToker[1] and musician Jake Hill, aka IAmJakeHill, posted a video where he says he's been getting into pop-punk lately and he wrote a song. He then plays a recording of the song that starts, "He spreads my cheeks and he makes me scream He's my number one daddy, gotta make him cream inside of me, Just keep riding mе," bait-and-switching users into thinking the song is a genuine attempt at pop-punk (shown below). The video gained over 1.5 million views in four months.



The video was shared on /r/SuddenlyGay[3] on July 21st, 2023, gaining over 970 upvotes in four months. On October 12th, Jake Hill uploaded a full version of the song under the monicker "ur pretty" to YouTube and Spotify,[2] gaining over 52,000 plays on the former in just under a month (shown below).

In late October throughout November 2023, the original sound for Hill's video became popularized in comedy lip-dub and skit videos about how awkward the song is. On October 19th, TikToker @jonscottwontstop posted a video of someone pulling a Donald Trump shirt out of a special box under their bed, adding the song to make fun of them, gaining over 1.7 million views in a month (shown below).


On November 5th, TikToker @ian.brownhill posted a lip dub skit imagining a dad in 2035 playing the song at their kid's request, stunned by the lyrics (shown below, left). The video gained over 6.6 million views in five days. On November 9th, TikToker @_itsnate posted a similar video about a kid singing the song to their dad after learning it at school, gaining over 1.6 million views in a day (shown below, right).


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