Find The Curved Line

Find The Curved Line

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Find The Curved Line refers to an optical illusion showing a 7X7 checkerboard pattern of what is presented as straight green lines over a gray, TV static-like pattern that appears to consist of curved lines to the naked eye. An image macro using the image captioned "go ahead, find the curved line" became popular online in early December 2023 challenging viewers to find out which line is actually curved.


The earliest post of the optical illusion was posted to Facebook[1] page Share After Reading on December 11th, taken from /r/blackmagicfuckery, although the original post to the subreddit seems to have been removed. On the same day it was posted to /r/HolUp[2] by u/Low-Volume-8358, gaining over 61,000 upvotes in three days (shown below). A top comment reads "Looks like u/LeshaPorche is the creator," although the user[3] never appears to have posted the illusion and may have deleted the original post.

go ahead find the curved line

On that day, u/thedemon-in-theattic posted an explanation of the illusion on a post to /r/woahdude,[4] writing:

"For anyone curious how this works, the curves you see at first glance in your peripheral vision are created from the gray squares. Cones are the cells in your eyes that allow you to see color and they are concentrated in the center of your vision, so we can't really see color in our peripheral vision. Our brain is just very good at guessing what color something in our peripheral vision is supposed to be, and then it fills it in for you. This particular illusion is caused by your brain guessing that the curves in the gray tiles are continuations of the green lines. So you end up seeing curvy green lines in your peripheral vision, but when you focus your eyes on the "curved" part, you can see the colors correctly and the green curves disappear." None of the lines are curved.


The image spread across social media over the following days gaining viral spread. Notably, it was shared by Instagram[5] page repostrandy on December 11th, gaining over 112,000 likes in three days. It was shared by Facebook[6] page Dank Meme on December 13th, gaining over 11,000 shares and 7,200 reactions in a day. On the same day, Instagram[7] page mehmeh.69 posted a version of the meme with a Joe Biden reaction image saying Will You Shut Up Man expressing exhaustion with seeing the meme everywhere, gaining over 10,000 likes in a day (shown below).

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