Peter Griffin baked out of his mind

Even After I'm High As Fuck, I Can't Stop Smoking

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Even After I'm High As Fuck, I Can't Stop Smoking refers to an image macro of Peter Griffin sitting on a couch and surrounded by smoke, captioned with a confession about marijuana addiction. Originally posted in 2016, in 2023 the macro gained popularity as a meme format, with users humorously recaptioning it.


At some point prior to April 6th, 2016, now-defunct Facebook[1] and Instagram[2] weed memes page Stoner Flix posted an image macro of Peter Griffin from Family Guy surrounded by smoke, captioned, "Even after I'm high as fuck, I can't stop smoking… I fucking love weed. So much" (post no longer available; shown below).

Even after I'm high as f---, I can't stop smoking... STONER FLIX I f------ love weed. So much.


On April 6h, 2016, comedy website Weed Memes[3] reposted the image with their watermark.

On July 12th, 2023, iFunny[4] user TheLadiesMan reposted the image from Weed Memes, with the post gaining over 880 smiles in three years.

On March 9th, 2023, iFunny[5] user BrandonSanderson posted the earliest discovered recaption of the image macro. The post (shown below) received over 8,900 smiles on the app and was widely circulated online.

Even after I'mpissing kidney stones, I can't stop drinking... STONER I f------ love Dr. Pepper, So much.

The meme format achieved viral popularity on iFunny in October 2023. For example, on October 11th, 2023, iFunny[6][7] user DovahToor posted an edit that received over 370 smiles (shown below, left), with an October 19th repost gaining over 8,700 smiles in two years. On November 22nd, user clsb7m3123301 posted a meme that garnered over 5,900 smiles in the same period (shown below, right).

my pockets are filled with 25 lbs of rocks I can't stop collecting cool rocks Even after DovahToor DovahToor liFunny I f------ love rocks. So much. suffering numerous Even after adverse health effects I can't stop drinking gasoline & I f------ love drinking gasoline

The meme format maintained its popularity online in 2023 and 2023, spreading from iFunny to Instagram,[8] Twitter,[9] Reddit[10] and other sites.

Various Examples

Even after My stomach hurts I can't stop drinking Eggnog STONER FLIX BA3 EGG NOG I f------ love Eggnog So much. Even after I'm off the grid I can't stop consuming microplastics IG: @tree_respecter NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC | SCIENCE | Microplastics have moved into virtually every crevice on Earth wksu 89.7 com Microplastics are not just everywhere in the environment, they're inside you, too. The I f------ Hate industrial So much. Society Even after I'm tired as f---, I can't stop reading I f------ love Books So much.
Even after the horse goes limp I can't stop forcing its head underwater R3 I f------ love drowning So much. horses. I can't stop drinking lean 1 @mrgamer42069 I f------ love lean!!! So much. Even after MY HANDS ARE BRUISED I can't stop HITTING MY DOG I f------ love ANIMAL ABUSE So much.


Even after I'm high as f---, I can't stop smoking... I f------ love weed. So much. Even after I I can't stop I f------ love ■ So much.

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