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Ambatukam, also known as Ambatukam Omaygot, refers to multiple explicit pornography videos of adult film star Dreamybull who became notable for flamboyantly screaming, "I'm about to cum! Oh my God!" at the end of all his videos. The words "Ambatukam Omaygot" are pronounced the same way as the exclamation, being a version of it that reads like a first and last name of African origin. The videos, originally posted to Twitter, were re-edited and exploited on Discord and TikTok in early 2023 where users recaptioned cropped versions of them, using Dreamy's O-face and posting him ironically, falling under the Hood Irony adjacent genre of memes called Thugposting. Ambatukam later surfaced on Instagram, YouTube and 4chan.


Dreamybull is a porn star who started posting NSFW content on Twitter[1] in April 2023. He has his own website where he posts content but makes most of his money livestreaming on Chaturbate. He's a Black male with dreads who, within his videos, masturbates in his home, room and car.

In January 2023, Ambatukam and Dreamybull videos were allegedly shared in the /leftypol/ Discord server, according to the Fandom[11] page for Thugposting.

In February 2023, Indonesian TikTokers started to use his videos in their comedic content. A since-deleted TikToker named Rhinz The 3rd started posting Dreamy as "Ambatukam" on February 10th, receiving over 9,000 likes for a video of his posted on February 11th. Evidence of this initial usage of Ambatukam videos can be seen in a TikTok uploaded on February 19th by the TikTok[2] account qyiz_, who received roughly 13,600 likes in two months (since deleted). The first still accessible video was uploaded on February 20th, 2023, by TikToker[10] 5_foot_7, earning roughly 572,700 plays and 22,900 likes in nine months (shown below).


On February 21st, 2023, TikToker[3] galbadynorn auto-tuned the video of Dreamy in his car and captioned it, relating it to a Black choirboy singing, earning roughly 44,700 plays and 1,000 likes in a month and a half (since deleted).

Ambatukam TikToks stayed within Indonesian meme circles going into March 2023. For instance, on April 1st, 2023, TikToker[4] poopysniffkcidfeet posted an Ambatukam video that earned roughly 140,200 plays and 4,400 likes in seven months (shown below, left). On April 29th, 2023, TikToker[5] aureohq posted an over-exploited Ambatukam video that earned roughly 1.2 million plays and 165,700 likes in seven months (shown below, right).

Additionally, the audio was remixed with the $uicideBoy$ song, "And To Those I Love" [6] on March 7th by TikToker[7] evangelist.4 who earned roughly 109,600 plays and 12,200 likes in one month (shown below). This video became a sound that others began to use in their videos.

On March 20th, 2023, YouTuber Akmal XI Bahasa posted a video titled, "Ambatukam… Ambasing…" earning roughly 45,800 views over the course of two and a half weeks (since deleted). Other YouTube videos emerged around the same time. On March 21st, 2023, YouTuber Zxios Exe posted an Ambatukam tribute, earning roughly 725,100 views in seven months (shown below, left). On April 7th, 2023, YouTuber Laziven posted "The tragic story of Ambatukam Omaygot," gaining roughly 369,100 views in seven months (shown below, right).

Going into the remainder of 2023, Ambatukam videos became even more prevalent on TikTok and elsewhere. Ambatukam references also spread to 4chan[8][7] in May 2023,

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