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MEME OF THE MONTH Explosive Reactive Armor Upon recommendation of our research community and by the virute of the authority vested in them, Ex Bride hereby confers upon Explosive Reactive Armor this certificate of memeship in recognition of its outstanding reception during the month of April 2028 Nº0423 CERTIFIED

Gaining a suspiciously explosive burst of votes in the last few days of the poll, Explosive Reactive Armor takes this one home with 35 percent of vote count. Assisted by Flork of Cows characters, the meme saw explosive reactive armor get slapped on anything in need of protection from medieval knights to anime girls, and found love on Twitter and imageboards alike.

Where did you get those? u THE ORANGE 02313 5 101 ERA 36 ! 53 ERA

"Peaches" by Bowser

Bowser singing his love for Princess Peach became the banger of the month, and not just because we found out that Bowser can play the piano almost as hard as the Burning Piano Man, but also because there's a new music video starring Jack Black in it (cue the peach toss). Second place with 14 percent of your votes, and our sincerest applause.

One, Two, Buckle My Shoe

"One, two, buckle my shoe" is not an earworm we deserve, but one we desperately needed this April. Continuing the legacy of "What are those" and "Damn, Daniel", the video has TikToker @edmondx sporting a pair of Vlones with makeshift pilgrim buckles taped upon them and singing a nursery rhyme. The shoe meme magic proved to be just as potent as it's always been, netting this meme third place with 11 percent of your votes.

You, Artist

The "Twitter artist" meme of the month, "You, artist", is a fresh take on the "You, higher mammal" meme format featuring Skipper from Madagascar. This time, Skipper tries to convince you, the artist, to share things about your art process or just post some cool art pieces. Bringing artists into the spotlight gets "You, artist" the fourth place with nine percent of your votes.

Alan Kenedy @profundezaa HEY! ADVENTURE TIME ARTIST! SHOW ME YOUR FAVORITE ADVENTURE TIME ARTWORK! Traducir Tweet 9:00 a. m. 17 abr. 2023 TWIG! :3 @twigziey YOU THERE ARTIST here's a cookie remember to take care of yourself :) Traducir Tweet 6:57 p. m. 14 abr. 2023 @Mike HHL Aute vir

Thug Shaker

While running into a thug shaker bait-and-switch has been a constant menace since October 2023, the danger grew tenfold in April 2023 thanks to a leak of Russia-Ukraine war documents of all things. You see, the leak happened on a Discord server named Thug Shaker Central of all things, which resulted in a new, unsuspecting and innocent crowd getting forcibly acquainted with the infamous clip. Fifth place for thug shaker with five percent of your votes.

the bug shaker Me trying to resist the urge to post thug shaker in chat


Oppenheimer style! The trend imagining the father of the atomic bomb J. Robert Oppenheimer as a cringe Redditor unable to conceive that bombs do, in fact, kill people, first blew up on 4chan before spreading to Twitter and everywhere else. This might not be the best optics for the upcoming film, but hey, they say there is no such thing as bad publicity. Sixth place with five percent of your votes.

1608051443061.png 124 KB PNG >I willingly helped inventing the most destructive weapon on earth and now I feel bad about it how could this happend to mee AAAAAA I have become deatherino brett @bretuwaru "Mr. President... I have blood on my hands. It turns out Project J---Killer 9000 was a weapon of terror, not a resolver of peace..." "Never come back into my office ever again you stupid f------ nerd." 2:55 PM . Apr 18, 2023 94.4K Views . :

And last but not least, the underdogs who never got on top, but hey, still a decent showing. Wrapping up our list we have the (not really) Homophobic Ruby (4%), the peak fashion of Balenciaga AI videos (4%), Beetlejuice just hanging around (4%), Alienposting with all its zeeps and glorps (3%), the primal fear of Miles Morales running from Miguel O'Hara (3%), Miyamoto, fucked up Brendan Fraser style (1%), the voyeur experience of the year, Fishtank Live (1%), the casual Europan hookmouth hoax (1%), I'm sure you can't find the 4th object (when you see it…) (1%) and finally, the ultra dorky elite couples breeding to save mankind (1%) It's Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve
de @necesthery aëgybab: yuho treâ to meyægege? gügühyag: heghœm, uhgaé leöbyáb. 1:32 PM. Mar 21, 2023 515.6K Views ... €9
OH THAT'S LIFE ON EUROPA THERE ARE LEAKED DOCUMENTS WITH EVIDENCE OF LIFE IN THE SUBSURFACE OCEAN ON EUROPA im Extraterrestrial%Li In%Oceans.html 梨 I'm sure you can't find the 4th object. lipstick crutch knife gloves

Thank you for voting and see you next month!

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