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What Are '777 Filters' On TikTok? How The Algorithm Slipped Up And Let 'Rule 34' Art Go Viral

On TikTok, bait-and-switch pranks have become increasingly elaborate, perfectly exemplified in the recent 777 filters, which show Chun-Li, among other characters, in rule 34 art.

Users on the platform innocently came across these filters this month thinking that they were wholesome in nature. However, they were led astray when the 777 filter flashed explicit and graphic content. Somehow, TikTok's moderation team didn't crack down on them until recently.

Curious about what 777 filters are and how the algorithm slipped up so badly? Let's explain.

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What Are '777 Filters' On TikTok?

777 filters are made by TikTokers who want to trick others into seeing explicit imagery. These trolls do this by making a "choose" filter in TikTok's "Effect House" app.

A "choose" filter on TikTok follows a simple premise. It will start off by giving the filter's user two options to choose from that are represented by images. The user nods their head either left or right to pick their answer. The image that they pick remains visible while the non-chosen image changes to another option. Then, the user must pick again. Basically, it's a game of elimination, whereby at the end, the filter's user has boiled it down to one final answer to the filter's question.

The explicit 777 filters use this same "choose" format. However, instead of showing another valid option after the user nods their head, it replaces the non-chosen image with an explicit image, shocking the filter's user.

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Why Are '777 Filters' Not Getting Removed?

When 777 filters first surfaced on TikTok in mid-May, many were wondering why they weren't getting taken down immediately. They obviously broke TikTok's rule set, but they were obviously more difficult for the TikTok algorithm to identify.

It's currently unknown exactly why TikTok didn't catch on quickly, however, in the past few days, most of the 777 filters have been banned. Regardless, new ones are popping up every day, making it hard for the moderation team to keep up.

@somewhat_antisocial TIKTOK REMOVE THIS FILTER NOW OMG #chunli #badmoderation #ew #yuck ♬ Paper Planes – M.I.A.

For the full history of 777 filters, be sure to check out our entry on the trend here for even more information.

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