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20 Wholesome Memes To Start Your Week The Right Way

We all see a lot of content throughout the day, on all kinds of social media platforms. Through all of the memes that are out there on the internet, a lot of them are pretty dark. If it was nothing but dark memes the internet would be a pretty depressing place. It's a good thing we have wholesome memes to brighten up the scene.

Wholesome memes are some of the best kinds of memes because they're fun for everyone. There's nothing bad about them and they only exist to bring a smile to everyone's faces. Whether you're having a bad day, a long day, or just a boring day, wholesome memes are here to make any kind of day better. If you need a daily dose of wholesome memes there's no place better to go than Reddit's /r/wholesomememes. From cute animals to cute stories, there's something in the world of wholesome memes to make anyone smile.

Anything is Possible

The Salty Mamas @saltymamas Last year my son said he wanted to take ballet, but that "boys can't do ballet." Follow Thus began several months of conversations to give him the confidence to take his 1st class. Tonight, he goes onstage with a major ballet company to perform in the Nutcracker. And I am proud AF. 4:00 pm - 22 Dec 2018 25,392 Retweets 297,733 Likes

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Daisy Alioto @daisandconfused just spent so long prying my step grandmother's locket open and it was 100% worth it ...

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So Proud

Went to my brothers graduation and saw a little girl taking pictures of her dad who had just graduated too. It was JUST them two. I was crying she was so proud of him " 5:59 PM 15 May 22 Twitter for iPhone . .

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He's The Star

From White PeopleTwitter community on Reddit B&S @B S Baby hippo steals limelight in couple's engagement photo

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The Sweetest

You find a YouTube channel They're a wholesome middle aged man The channel is him showing the internet their craft and passion WF made with mematic

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Years of Memories

soph @Sophia_Kallie during middle school, my stepdad used to leave me a note on my door each day to inspire me. well, I kept those notes & It's been 6 years since then. today I gave him those notes back #HappyFathers Day 592K 2:07 AM - Jun 17, 2019 115K people are talking about this Dasks

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Water Your Flowers

Ariel Lopez @ArielLopez____ Someone congratulated me recently and I started to deflect after I said thank you. They said "I'm gonna give you your flowers, you can water them or not" and it stuck with me. We often don't appreciate our current wins because we're anticipating what's next Water your flowers. 12:39 PM - 10/11/20 - Twitter for iPhone 10.7K Retweets 373 Quote Tweets 40.9K Likes

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We Love Ms. Frizzle

Erin @drerinmac This was taken the day a kid ran up to me and went "HI MS FRIZZLE!" It made this curvy, hook-nosed, curly-haired ginger science educator wearing a space dress VERY happy. Just saying.

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Cara Lisette @CaraLisette Follow I was taking my diazepam before my flight and the Swiss guy in the seat next to me saw and guessed I was nervous, so he asked me if I liked cats and then showed me a photo of a cat dressed as a pilot and said "I heard he's flying our plane, I think we can trust him" 1:28 PM- Apr 13, 2023

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Job Well Done

Sheepdog puppy herds entire flock into owner's kitchen Metro rockhardgeologist A prodigy sindri42 You missed the best part. They weren't even their sheep. This good pupper gathered up a bunch of random sheep it found somewhere on the countryside and brought them home for its human.

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A Wholesome Surprise

ms @msuskilla My mom and I went to Safeway to get some groceries and we ran into my dad buying flowers for her Ph ud A

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Reading Is Fundamental

Kate DiCamillo 1d . I signed for a package last week. The delivery guy said, "DiCamillo?" I said, "Yes." "Wait," he said. "Did you write Because of Winn-Dixie?" ... "I did." "Oh, wow," he said. "My third grade teacher read that book to us. I'll never forget it." And then he smiled at me-this radiant, beautiful smile-and I suddenly saw him as an eight-year old kid, sitting in class, listening to a story. That man's third-grade teacher is out there somewhere, and I wanted to let her know this: he remembers. He remembers you reading to him.

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Super Fancy

Me when I pronounce "croissant" like quâssòn

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Wholesome Garfield

Colley @JamColley Garfield is a cat and doesn't have a job. The only ostensible difference between Monday and any other day is that Jon suddenly isn't around after having been home all weekend. Garfield doesn't hate Mondays, he loves Jon and is too proud to say it. 18/02/2018, 02:05 6,385 Retweets 24.4K Likes

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Wrong Friend Right Person

last night I face timed the wrong # n this ginger picked up. Ended up chatting for 30 min. He was actually chill af. A

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Cat Of The Day

There is a student in my class who likes to draw a cat of the day. One day that student wasn't in class so our teacher drew one himself 19 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 Martis for P 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 2 Morris for President CAT OF THE SNOWBALL DAH.

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So Close

Fareeha @AskFareeha I got a Beauty and the Beast gift from my mom that she put together herself! When do I tell her that this is Frozen's Anna and the mayor of zootopia

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Real Professional

Real professional >>

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Congrats Adam


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He's The Best

richard scott larson @larsonrichard Home from a wedding where my job was to coort the ring bearer

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