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20 Totally Unreasonable 'Choosing Beggars' Making Ridiculous Demands

We have all heard the phrase "Beggars can't be choosers" once or twice before, whether it was directed at us as children being greedy little kids or towards someone else in a shameful way. The term basically means if you have to beg or ask for something, you can't be picky about what you get. It's a fair premise. Some people, though, clearly haven't heard this before, or they're too entitled to care. The audacity that some people have to ask and expect just about anything from anyone is insane. Many choosing beggars out there are also Karens. It just sort of fits with the generally entitled attitude. Choosing beggars are some of the most annoying people out there, especially because of just how tone deaf they are to what they're asking for. It's just trashy behaviour.

Reddit's /r/ChoosingBeggars is full of poor souls who have had to have encounters with choosing beggars. Many of these encounters happen on Facebook, the home of many trashy people. Many of these encounters happen though Facebook Marketplace, but others are found in the wild amongst insane ask posts. There's many choosing beggar stories out there, but here are just 20 of them that will spark a certain kind of anger within you.

A Free 42" Won't Do

Everything is Free my neighborhood choosing beggar X Anyone giving away free tv bigger than 43in

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Princess Birthday Calls

I was trying to see if you could do a call with Taylor today for her birthday. Can you do it for free since it is her birthday? O Yeah, I am. What's up? I am available after 2. What time works for you? I charge 30 for an hour, 15 for 30 minutes. That doesn't work for me.. stop being a t¨h it's her birthday. 4. A No.. but I can give you a discount?.. I can do 10 for 30 minutes. A iMessage Yeah, Nevermind. No. Bye. Cash Read 1:09 PM

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Better Than Nothing

My principal gave me a $10 Amazon Gift Card for Teacher Appreciation Week Teacher Support &/or Advice Yes. The PRINCIPAL gave all of us teachers a $10 Amazon gift card, to thank us for what we do! I'm a Technology Teacher for a school that teaches students with developmental disabilities, and I feel like this is very cheap. WTF am I gonna buy for $10 on Amazon nowadays!? Especially with inflation going on. Don't forget shipping and delivery fees. What are your thoughts on this? I honestly thought it would be $100. I'll even accept $50, but not $10! Vote 11 Share 17m 12m I get nothing at all so I'm flabbergasted that you're disappointed about this. That came out of his or her pocket. I don't know how big the staff is but you want him or her to spend over a thousand dollars? Reply 43 ↓ 4m ... + Award A staff of about 20-40 teachers and TAs.

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No Maintenance..?

is in search of *TWO* new horses to be donated to our riding program. We are searching for horses with the following: No maintenance Age preferably 10-15 years old ✔Roughly 14-16 hands (able to carry our larger riders) ✔Comfortable/Willing to be stalled for multiple hours during lesson days. Comfortable/Willing to be turned out in a herd situation. : Comfortable/Willing to do arena work in an indoor and outdoor arena (ability to walk/trot/canter). If you are interested in donation a horse to our program, please call and leave a message at the barn. Calls will be returned based on staff availability to discuss the multiple step donation process. Thank you in advance! WANTED:

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Budget of Zero

Whish Anonymous member 2h. A friend of mine and their wife are looking for a cheap midsized pickup preferably 4x4. Life has served up a a series of unfortunate events, multiple vehicle failures, having to move, plus a loss of current employment makes everything a touch more difficult. Mid capacity v6 is kind of ideal for fuel economy. They would prefer it not be a dodge or older that 1990. Show me what you have out there, budget is nil. Future payments are a possibility.

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Probably Not

Spanish Village. 7h. Does anyone have a free boy dog that is potty train and train to sit and lay. That has a cage they will give away also ? And that'll be willing to drop off to me?? Be the first to react Like a

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$1200 for a Bed Review Meet The Bed. Like 942 28 Shares Most relevant SHOP THE BED Comment Learn more Share you give me one i can write an excellent review. way better than the ones on here 10h Like Reply

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Ketchup Wars

8 My neighbor asked to borrow ketchup (yes, I know a neighbor) & gave me attitude cuz it was Hunt's and not Heinz so I pulled it back & refused to give it to her and now our altercation is on a neighborhood app. What I'm saying is we're living in the stupidest timeline in history.

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Come On

George Couch . Yep. Can you drop off? Why? I can't drive. I dont have the means to its free pick up Well maybe you need to get some. You want me to carry it to you? No. I'm asking you to drop off? no Like i said i cant drop it off i dont have vehicle to do that and even if you paid me to pick up a vehicle that can or a trailer and did all the work for you i still wouldnt have the time? Ive posted it as a free pick up I'm not paying for it. Well maybe you should make the time. ><

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$20-$25 a Day

... Needing to find a local, trustworthy and reliable sitter for my 5m old son. Someone PERMANENT. Must have proof of certifications (if you have them), must provide references, and must have a clean/smoke free environment. Pet free would be a plus but separation from pets (especially longer haired) would be okay too. We prefer someone who is not watching a lot of other kids, maybe 2-3 at the most otherwise, but willing to acknowledge all of our options! We provide all of his supplies and necessities, so that will never be a concern. Also wanting to keep the range of 20/25 a day if possible (willing to negotiate though if necessary). M-F 8a-4p (some times will vary depending on our schedules, but it's not very often). THANK YOU.

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Now Can someone help my family out? We are in need (my wife and I). We to come up with about $400 this weekend so we can attend the y festival and have a decent time. We live on a tight budget as I haven't been able to find a job in 2 years. We want to go out and have fun at this annual tradition but don't want to go if we can afford anything because that would just be depressing. Ideally I would have a $200 for food/ souvenirs as would she. We also would need care for an Uber to get there unless someone is willing to drive us. Anything is appreciated as long as it's over a $25 donation otherwise it's not worth it due to PayPal taking a cut. DM me for my info. I'll be on the lookout. Be the first to react Like

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Not Really How That Works

D&D Fantasy Art 1 hour ago 42 X Hello everyone, I am a new business owner looking to hire some artist. I will not ask you for a penny, the business side is done by me. What I need is your art. Requirements: Must have a following of at minimum 2k followers on any social platform The art needs to be high-quality digital art. If you are interested please send me a message to my work email. 105 comments

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6 Hours for $20

I'm looking for a sitter to come to my house & watch my 1 year old son. I'll be here just in another room taking phone calls for work. I'll take a 15 min break and 30 min lunch while you're here so I can watch him during that time. The days I'm needing help: M-F 9:30a-3:15pm *I don't mind if you bring your kids with you! *$20 a day *message me if you're interested 4 Like All comments Comment Send

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Large TV Delivery

T 8h 0 If anyone have a large and flat screen working TV could you please donate it to me I only have one TV in the living room and it's broke I can't afford to buy a new TV or either a used one having some financial difficulties so if anyone have a large flatscreen TV if you could please donate it to me and unfortunately I do not drive so I wouldn't be able to pick it up GOD BLESS TO THOSE WHO ARE IN NEED OF HELP AS WELL 1 = Like

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Seems Fair

21:42 13 Melbourne Clubbing Society 5h. Any clubs in Melbourne willing to let us use your club one night when not open for auditions of DJs and also promo event im looking to put together free advertising of your club being filmed on my Facebook page C maybe a Monday night would be good. Hope to hear from you must have decks setup. Thanks 11 answers Like Top comments ✓ 28 Comment Send You're taking too much and you're offering practically nothing. Do you think thats fair? 4h Like Reply 5

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$160 - Original Nintendo bundle Marketplace Listing Mark as pending I can't take 100, but thank you for the offer It's ok I'm A single mom 12:02 PM That's why I offered that More options Coolio What does that have to do with my Nintendo? Money is super tight for me Create a plan to schedule your meetup. Create Plan Ok, me too, why do you think I'm selling my Nintendo

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No Rude Comments

STRAIGHT Or MIDA Original 6 hours ago 38 talk X Does anyone have a car they can part with? Must be atleast a 2015 with AC,,cause just the car fan ain't gonna cut it and new tires. I know I didn't state any color but I don't like red cars,,,I am a single parent LMK And would be nice if it had tented windows. No rude comments please. 41 comments

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Read The Description

10:35 n $15 EACH S... Marketplace listing $15 - $15 EACH Selling Metal Folding Chairs MORE OPTIONS How many do you have? | 56% - i Read description It's a big ask but would you deliver if I took all of them at $10 each You want me to deliver AND you want to pay less? You left the group. You can't message this group You're no longer in this group and can't send or receive calls or messages unless you are added back to it. 313

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$150 Off AND Delivery

n + Marketplace listing $250 - Iphone Xr Mark as sold Anything wrong with it Will it work for AT&T there's scratches on the back and it needs cleaning but other than that, no Can u go any lower More options I'm sorry I can't afford that I only have $100 O yes it is yeah its unlocked Are you able to bring it to me Aa the lowest i can go is $200 well its $250 no

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How the Tables Turn

8 min ago I would like to buy your iPhone 8 Plus 64Gb Unlocked for $385.00 3 min ago Message 2 min ago 350 gotta pay my kids braces so you hate kids 4 min ago okay $385 sounds good 3 min ago no 3 min ago sorry 1 min ago no i need $385 for my kids braces

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