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20 Punny Memes To Rival All Dad Jokes

A good pun or dad joke never goes unappreciated. They're some of the best jokes out there because of their simplicity and silliness. While there are far better jokes out there, technically, a classic pun or dad joke never fails to get a laugh or two. They're nice especially because they're clean. A lot of the jokes and memes that you see on the internet generally are not clean or wholesome. But dad jokes, puns, and wholesome memes shine a little light on the less intense things on the internet.

Dad jokes and puns are great ways to annoy your friends. For whatever reason, perhaps it's the obvious nature of the pun or the overuse of the dad joke, they always seem to evoke a groan or cringe from those who hear them. The more they get used,the more sighs and groans that they create. Here are 20 great dad jokes and puns from Reddit's /r/puns, the best place for all of the worst jokes.

A Little Extreme

Jon @ArfMeasures God *creates a worm* hello little buddy! Worm: Thanks for the "worm" welcome haha God *creates birds* >

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Cow sell early Sheep sell early Pig sell early Cow sell late Sheep sell late

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I got ants. Yeah, but my ants are taller than yours. Well, I got a tube of glue. BISON BISON KIT ONTAR UNIVERSAL I got bread. And.. I have an entire tin of it! Argh, you win! I can't handle that with my glue tin 'n taller ants.

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Sock Puppets

Panneda Express @justokpanda When two socks puppets really care for each other, it's not just sox, they make glove <

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Hey coach! TA SEES Gym I wanna get ripped. TT ✿ oc

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Shakes Pear

William Pear William Shakespeare

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It's a five minute walk from my house to the pub. It's a 35 minute walk from the pub to my house. The difference is staggering.

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Knight Time

Ygrene @Ygrene [me as a knight] Me: squire, young you have the time? Squire: sir by the judge of the sun, it is 3pm Me: wrong squire, it is (shutting visor) knight time 11/02/2018, 14:30 907 Retweets 2,870 Likes 27

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THE DAD The Dad @thedad When my wife was pregnant I asked the midwife how many babies she had to deliver to become a fullwife and she shot my wife a look as if to say "you poor thing" 11:20 AM 2023-06-04. Buffer 47 Retweets 4 Quote Tweets 623 Likes

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"Everyone kept hitting their heads as they walked down my stairs, so I hung a sign as a warning."

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Good Delivery

Doctor: I will be delivering the baby Dad: I'd prefer the baby with a liver Doctor Mom Me still in my mom Dad

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tawdry hepburn @eraserheadbabby my friend gave birth in her car on the way to the hospital and her husband named the kid Carson and if you don't think that's the best dad joke ever get out of my face

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Snow on my balcony melts faster where the tile corners meet 411.2k 303 One-Warning-3799 • 11h ↑ Share S 75 Awards It's because the corners are 90 degrees Reply 18.1k +

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Took Me a Minute

G Pun Hub ww 00 I need a battery so I can tell the time. MAU 156 Is it for a clock? IG: @PunHubinsta I don't know! That's why I need the batteries.

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A Good Year

It probably took a good year or two to make this table...

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magnet C @arcadeseals me: i'm terrified of the vertical axis therapist: why? me: [screams] 16:54 21 May 19 - Twitter Web App 6,698 Retweets 30.5K Likes 27 go

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Solid Investments

miss emily + @emily_dawnxo i've started investing in stocks... first chicken, then beef, and now vegetable. i know it's risky, but i know one day it'll pay off & i'll be a bouillonaire

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Simon Holland @simoncholland I noticed my wife and kids were wearing vests so I put one on just so I could say "vest day ever" like a million times. Then I took it off just so I could mention that I wasn't as invested as they were.

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There It Was

AP How did you find your steak sir? @PunHubOnline I just looked next to the potatoes and there it was. *** WIZZ WHILE

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That's the Point

kelly @kelllicopter some dummy just told me i look good with glasses on. well yeah that's kind of the point of the glasses 3:48 PM 27 Oct 18 860 Retweets 7,963 Likes

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