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20 Oddly Specific Posts That Will Definitely Raise Some Eyebrows

There are many weird things online, especially all over social media. Twitter is an excellent example of an unhinged social media website, usually considered the source for absolutely deranged or nonsensical tweets or stories. When you give everyone unlimited access to the internet, it usually results in a lot of weird and oddly specific stories that probably need a little more context.

Reddit's /r/suspiciouslyspecific is the go-to home for all your oddly specific somewhat worrying posts on social media. From tweets to news articles to warning signs for very specific situations, these posts are bound to make you wonder what really happened for someone to write down what they did. Here are some of the best posts from the past month, and if there's one common factor between all of them, it's the fact that they all give you a little bit too much detail…


garfimbo Follow imagine if instead of kpop it was rpop and it's from russia and you had girls all over Twitter being like "stream Я какала в штаны" and posting pictures like this and being like "OMG Ivonovativich looks so CUTE"

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Sounds Better To Me

If yall having a bad day just letting yall know my co-worker got his prostate exam and when the doc touched his prostate he nutted immediately and fell down knocking over some equipment

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Yes Or No?

Your wife has been kidnapped and is being held in a location 30 mins away. You're driving to rescue her. It's a warm night and your windows are down. Do you listen to music on the drive there yes or no

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They Might Be Projecting…

kendaddy @lildumbassseal who's the worst person you've ever met and why is it the boyfriend you had when you were 19 Vertaal Tweet 07:16 · 05-12-2023. Twitter for iPhone 10,1K Retweets 4.458 geciteerde Tweets 70,8K vind-ik-leuks 22 ←]

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Very Valid!

NE$$ @highoffness i feel uncomfortable around tall people, what if they lick my head

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Make This Happen

@kaceymusgay they should not give cops horses. give those horses to postal workers so i can sit out on my porch drinking iced tea and then a guy rides up on a horse and says "hey pal, got a letter for you here"

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Definitely Didn't Boost Any Self-Esteem

Christina when I was 16 my parents commissioned my grandad to paint a portrait of me to raise my self esteem. It did not.

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All Very Important Details

Men writing women characters: She was beautiful but didn't know it. She was 5'7 and 101 pounds. Her feet were size 3. Her hat size was Infant. She'd never thrown up, even once. Her periods lasted 45 minutes. Her top was see-through.

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jonny sun @jonnysun being an adult is inviting a friend over to cook dinner with but then they cook with your salad onion instead of your cooking onion and you want to shout "no not my salad onion!! use the cooking onion!!" but instead you just smile and say "we are having a great time"

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Alien Acid Trip

onan the barbarian @afivegantenna they should make a drug that knocks you unconscious and has you experience a full lifetime of 80 years as an alien on a planet with a dying sun where you learn to play the flute and also you get the flute for real after you come down. 1:26 PM 2023-04-07 Twitter for iPhone

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Maybe Too Specific

HOSPITAL People Born 1948-1979 With No Life Insurance Are In for A Treat This Month | Sponsored

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Uh Oh

when you're laying carpets for a client but there is a bulge that won't straighten out, so you stamp on it, but then on your way out you hear the kid complain about not being able to find their hamster

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What Are The Bison Doing?


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We All Love Jack Black

jack black is literally the only human that never needs any context for me. I could see him going anywhere and doing anything. like if i got abducted by aliens and saw him just wandering around the spaceship putting bugle chips on his fingers to make it look like he has claws i would be like 'that's some classic jack black right there' and not even question it

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Pixelated Life Forever!

levi jed murphy @levijedmuxphy sometimes i say "huh?" then answer the question before the person even repeats themselves. i'm not deaf, my brain just be laggin like a 2005 Dell desktop x

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Did You?

PaulPopper @formerleft did everyone have a PE teacher at school with a beard who wore a tracksuit all the time and taught geography on the side?

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Seaweed Is The Devil's Spawn

thorsies: having seaweed rub against u when ur swimming in the ocean is like having satan slowly caress ur legs and toes while smiling creepily at u and whispering "mayonnaise" I feel so uncomfortable

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We're Almost There!

Kate Brauning @KateBrauning By age 30 you should have: $3 in savings $5,000 in credit card debt Existential dread A favorite spoon One half-dead plant you feel really bad about because your mom keeps asking for grandkids but you're not ready and you thought this basil plant would be a good place to start

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Nothing To See Here, Folks!

r/AskReddit Posted by u/ • 52m How much sawdust can you put into rice krispy treats before people notice? Discussion

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Who Is THIS Woman?

NG he Chesapeake Bay is surprisingly shallow. A SIX-FOOT TALL WOMAN SHIHS BENTO can wade through over 700,000 acres of the Bay without wetting her hat ASEAN SU CHOP

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