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20 Memes That Are A Little Too Real

The fun thing about memes is the way that you can share them far and wide with whoever you want, wherever you want. Sometimes the best kinds of memes are the ones that you can relate to. Being able to read or see a meme and say 'me' instills a different kind of feeling than other kinds of memes. Not only are they funny but they make you feel a little less alone and a little more seen. Me IRL, which stands for "me in real life," is the term coined for relatable memes because they are just that real. It's good to see things that are real. These kinds of memes are commonly seen as tweets from Twitter but can also come in other meme formats. Just about any of them, depending on what you do with them.

Reddit's /r/meirl is the place for people to share their most real and relatable memes. For all the times you've seen something and thought "yeah, me too." Hopefully you'll be able to find a little companionship amongst these 20 memes, and maybe you'll even share them with a friend.

Haven't Heard Much About it Lately

Dr Kyle @KylePlantEmoji I wonder when the bermuda triangle stopped working. Not a lot of drama there anymore

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Don't Like It One Bit

alan mustache @braidednosehair sorry I'm not scanning a QR code for your menu I'm with the boomers on this

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For Real

Sam Clark @SamClark_23 This girl sitting next to me gave herself an insulin shot in class yesterday & the girl next to her said "can you like not do that right now" she replied with "um no Debra I'd like to live"

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john is toast @johnistoasted My dad and I went to a restaurant and the waiter pointed at the QR code on the wall and said "thats our menu" and left and my dad looked at it really close and said "Is this some kind of joke"

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B @barbarikkizzle Fanciest house on our street (by a mile) put a note in all our letterboxes asking us to be very quiet from 2pm today for a backyard wedding and tbh I'm in awe of my neighbour who whipped out the lawnmower at 2pm on the dot.

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Full Circle


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Ben Grimes ★ @softreeds Remember when Dan Quayle misspelled "potato", and everyone was like "that's a good enough reason for him not to be president"? We should be like that again.

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Kimberly @KimberDin Dinaro $ When I tell people I want a dog they're like "how big is your home? Can you handle mornings? How much money do you make? Do you have time for long rigorous walks?" which is weird considering the only qualification necessary to get told to have a human baby is: Woman, 30s, alive

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Important Information

@RDCworld1 Would you rather be trapped in a Mall for 24hrs with Darth Maul or General Grievous? I'm 6'7 @taylorprobably are they like mad at me or just at the mall too

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What Kind of Deal Is That

Graham Hines @GrahamHines9 I love how we didn't raise minimum wage because it would make food more expensive, but then just made the food more expensive anyways.

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sophia @pastoralcomical it's crazy that they only figured out tectonic plates in the 60s. a child in the 50s would say "it seems like south america and africa would fit together" and his mom would go "that's cute honey would you like a cigarette" 21:54 11 Nov 21 Twitter for iPhone

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The Disappointment

ditch pony @molly7anne last night we were at a family dinner and I announced "we have news.." just to let the table know that two of our ducks are now dating. watching my dear mothers face go from grandbaby to grand disappointment so fast...what a rush. I'm doing that again at thanksgiving.

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Strange Times We Are In

ansh nand... @anshn... 19h. Tech bro just discovered "hanging out" Roshan Patel @roshanpatel - 20h I've been thinking a lot about IRL podcasts: . - Bring a few friends together - No mics, nothing is recorded - Have a free form discussion - Can even have food & drinks Has anyone tried this? 46 1876 7,177 go

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Take Notes

Not the Nanny @not_thenanny My mom complained that she gained five pounds over the weekend and without skipping a beat, my dad said, "I saw the grandkids messing with the scale. I'll fix it." Pretty sure I saw my husband taking notes.

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26 cmart @cmartvb This morning my dad was at work & I saw my mom watching "their" show. She swore me to secrecy. Later when she was running errands, I caught my dad doing the same thing. That night they BOTH WATCHED THE SAME SHOW AGAIN, pretending like neither of them watched it!!

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Leave me Alone

Jennii @hashjenni "GO, GO!! YOU COULD'VE GONE" ...

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I got charged $1.77 for crying while being prescribed antidepressants BRIEF EMOTIONAL OR BEHAVIORAL ASSESSMENT Service Date: 02/13/2023 16.0k 477 Share Amount: $1.77 BILL Breathing... 1.00 Talking 5.00 Standing..... 10.00 Existing..... 2.00 Lollygagging... 2.00 Chewing....... 1.00 +

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Felt That

isabel @isabelfulla why are rugs so expensive? pillows? curtains? why does the trash can fill up so fast? why do i have to clean my kitchen so much? where the is all this dust coming from???

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Jessss @jessicaabrownnn I am sick of drunk me creating awkward situations for sober me to deal with

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Leah Vasquez @LV_Eventing Wanna hear a new level of "being a roommate"? I asked my roommate to take the trash out, as I have been gone a week and a half. She then proceeded to PICK THROUGH THE TRASH AND ONLY THREW OUT THINGS THAT SHE THREW AWAY. WHAT?!

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