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15 Relatable Memes About How Funny It Is To Be Human

The subreddit /r/me_irl says its mission is to showcase “selfies of the soul.” It’s a place where people share the ups, downs and oopsie-daisies of life as a human being in this odd and off-putting modern world of ours. It’s also a historical meme hot-spot, one of the most active and inventive communities on Reddit.

Here’s a harvest of true stories of what it’s like to be a “me” in real life. As you scroll through them, you might imagine historians two hundred years from now puzzling over these data points, trying to understand what daily life was like for the people who created them, back when humans were still around and before their own society of robotic artificial intelligences took over. These future robot historians may conclude that there were, in fact, some things humans could do that artificial intelligences like them could never do. They may even laugh (can computers laugh?) at human life in all its beautiful and funny weirdness.

Trust Issues

My trust issues so bad I don't even trust these: Unmute Start Video

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One Guess

dankmemeuniversity Friend: You can't possibly guess a wheel of fortune puzzle with no letters Me: BPC Casin zuesue oh my GOD 80's SONG LYRICS 25

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If you know, you know.


Just got an emotional support animal. It's a pig. Not the whole pig. Doc JC Memes Okay, it's bacon.

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Social Anxiety

Me when I don't talk Me when I talk Wait... am I boring...? Wait... am I annoying...?

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Cinco de Mayo

"I'm going to start eating at home more & save money" 3 hours later: CASA MEXICANA RESTAURANT

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i have to go to work every day fair enough but you also don't have any money i don't neither do you MameSanton.com

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The monkey is the closest mirror to humankind, and the bananas are always yellower on the other tree.


young me, enjoying life, while mum takes care of stuff adult me, having to take care of everything

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Redditor's Nightmare

A video makes you laugh a J Tik Tok

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The inter-platform rivalry continues.

Revenge Scrolling

Going to work on 4 hours of sleep because you tried to salvage some sense of freedom by staying up late It's showtime....

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True liberty is felt between the hours of 1 and 3 AM. The lonely scroller seems to free his mind at night.


When your game finally stops lagging and every action you tried doing for the past minute happens at once

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GIRLS I can't believe he didn't cry at the Titanic Ponsuke has passed away Do men even have feelings? BOYS

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The Struggle

coming home after a long day of being the funny friend ELE

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The Grind

Me on my way to annoy my coworkers instead of being productive:

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The Public

me when i go in public and the public is there ART FOR THE

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