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15 Hilarious Memes From The Dogeverse

Are you familiar with Dogelore? If not, get ready to enter a world of wacky and uncharacteristic Doge memes! Dogelore is a unique meme format that utilizes images of the popular "Doge," a lovable Shiba Inu, and other dogs like Cheems, another adorable Shiba Inu, to create short, multi-paneled stories that are as hilarious as they are unpredictable.

While Dogelore may not be as widely known as some other meme trends, it has carved out a dedicated following on Reddit. With a small but passionate community of around 340,000 members, Dogelore enthusiasts gather on the subreddit to share their creative takes on these iconic dog characters. What sets Dogelore apart is its ability to take these familiar dog images and transform them into absurd and unexpected narratives. The panels often feature speech bubbles with broken English or humorous phrases that add to the charm and silliness of the memes. These stories can be inspired by current events, internet culture, or even personal experiences, making each one a delightful surprise.

If you enjoy memes that push the boundaries of what you'd expect from our four-legged friends, then Dogelore is a must-explore. Join the community and immerse yourself in the joyous madness of these dog-themed tales. Get ready to laugh, scratch your head, and appreciate the creativity that thrives within this delightful corner of the meme world by looking at these hilarious examples:

Le army recruiter has arrived.

Hey kid your grades look bad ANDERSE.DOGE mut *DI ADED1 ADEGE -USA-ARMY U.S.ARMY Arenos-2403 Duncan-2406 Rowe-2408 Wheeler-2414 How do you feel about WAR?

(Source: Reddit)

Ban speedrun.

Ma'am, For the last time. Stop trying to open the door Mid-flight and get back to your seat. Ye, what are you gonna do. Duct tape me to the seat?

(Source: Reddit)

Not the smartest move.

STAR STATY Gee, life is great. I'm so young, yet I'm living the dream working for the US Air Force. 21 mi (97 STAR WARS STAR WARS ******** Saturday ********AXANDIY Saturday ********** 1911 Hiti I should leak some classified Pentagon documents Saturday "V thon tho" FLOODS FLOODS FLOODS

(Source: Reddit)

AAA games has arrived.

Oh boy, I love buying new games at full price surley they will work and be bug free & PS4 JUEGO DE PC REDFALL

(Source: Reddit)

Walk in the woods.

Oh boy I sure do love hiking in the woods on July 20, 2025 WAIT STOP! I sure hope nothing wa-

(Source: Reddit)

Violent eyeroll.

Oh boy, I can't wait to get out of here and go home. POLICE Ma'am, you killed two people in a DUI incident. Ok, but can I leave now? I have school tomorrow.

(Source: Reddit)

Wrong decision.

Oh boy, This symbol looks pretty cool! ← K I hope nothing bad will happen if I tape it to my locker! Alat

(Source: Reddit)

LOOL so happy.

Mom and Dad are getting a divorce? DADE PVOLTING Does that mean I get 2 lightning Mcqueen beds?

(Source: Reddit)

Sandwich making art.

Hello! Kokosowa kawa mrożona 7⁹5 SUBWAY Hello, sir. What can I get you? BWR Hot Coca-Cola S ITT E TEA Sulele wypieczone ciasteczka 10,45 at A sandwich, please Surprise me Kurczak w stylu Rotisserie CIEPŁY PACHNĄCY codziennie Proszę zamawiać tutaj What sandwich would valg you like? It's on the house, sir! ulinanum

(Source: Reddit)

Giddy up.

Cheems, what do we do? That stoner has been trying to order something for like 15 minutes now. :( Pick Up Im've gotm an imdeam HOOJ KOR M 58 M MOJAX 18

(Source: Reddit)

Beach volley.

You never told me you like beach volleyball so much, Cheems. BEACH VOLLEYBALL

(Source: Reddit)

Text playa.

"Yeah, I'm crazy in bed. I'm gonna do so many nasty things to you when we finally meet. Oh, and don't forget to wear something nice" TICK TICK TICK So uh... What now? 77

(Source: Reddit)

Le perverse incentive has arrived

Oh boy, that's a lot of cobras hardshe Surely offering a reward for killing them won't lead to anything bad

(Source: Reddit)

Better lawyer?


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Oh boi what wonderful weather it is to not be a Skinwalker We should do whatever our species likes to do in lonely and abandoned places

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