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15 Animal Memes To Replenish Your Spiritual Energies

The cave paintings at Lascaux are among the earliest works of art made by humans, and the main subject matter is animals: cows, horses, and one bear. The works of art you’re about to see are much more recent, and can be found on Reddit rather than on the wall of a cave, but the main subject matter is also animals: cats, dogs, even birds. Some things never change, and humanity’s love of animals is one of those.

Whether you’re a caveperson grubbing along in the neolithic era or a poster seeking relief from the dumpster fire of social media, animals are always there to brighten your day and ease your burdens. So, here’s a series of adorable animal memes to connect you back to furry and feathered friends, and for a moment vibe with them in their world so you can return back to your own, fortified and better-prepared.

Watching The Zone

"My cat messed up a single part of my window shades. Never realized why until just now."

(Source: Reddit)

Still Hongry

when the waiter asks if they can take ur plate and u still got fries on there The worldpolice

(Source: Reddit)

Over The Years

(Source: Reddit)

Animals are always here for you.

So Many Options


(Source: Reddit)

The tyranny of choice. So many fish, so little time.

The Fluffy Siblings

(Source: Reddit)

It's Not Twitter

(Source: Reddit)


Almost died when my towel blinked at me

(Source: Reddit)

But it is certainly softer than all the other towels on that shelf.

The Pup Knows

Him: You're the only girl i let come to my apartment His dog:

(Source: Reddit)


When they bring home treats But I have to share made with mematic

(Source: Reddit)

Hippo Vibing

The Skull Artist's depiction of the animal in a paleontology book The Animal

(Source: Reddit)

Main Character Moment

When a sad song comes on in the car and you look out the window and pretend you're in a music video

(Source: Reddit)

This is what life is all about.

Bird Rights

Hey, little fella where are you going? I don't answer questions. Am I being detained?

(Source: Reddit)

User Experience

When you accidentally click "open in new window" instead of "open in new tab"

(Source: Reddit)

This image was likely in the pitch deck for Google Chrome, back in the day.

Dinner Time!


(Source: Reddit)

Fact Checked

Them: You're wrong, it's not true Me: It's a fact, look it up Them: My bad, you're right Me:

(Source: Reddit)

He really did not mean to spread that misinformation.

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